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About Karen Liberman

Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of decorative art and since ancient times has played an integral role in the human need for self-adornment.

A fascination with the intrinsic beauty of gold, the most ancient precious metal, and with ancient artefacts and gemstones is the foundation of Karen Liberman Jewellery. Karen’s rich curiosity, passion for travel and strong connection to her North African and Mediterranean roots are all great sources of inspiration for her work. Karen hand selects gemstones and ancient artefacts for their individual character and beauty. These pieces are then set in gold – from rich, high karat 24k gold to more gentle looking 14k gold. The gold is worked and detailed by hand, by artisan goldsmiths using traditional techniques that have largely remained consistent throughout history.

This collaboration between Karen’s designs and the meticulous work of artisan goldsmiths, results in entirely handcrafted jewellery pieces. Each one unique, combining ancient influences, traditional craftsmanship and modern expression.